Council Connect: March 2021 Council Communication Case Studies

Council Connect Monthly Case Studies

As part of our Council Connect service for parish and town councils, we regularly showcase examples of communications best practice, both online and offline, which we then share as in-depth case studies with other Council Connect members.

Here’s a sneak preview of two councils that we are publishing case studies for this month. The full case studies will be available shortly to access within the Council Connect service.

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Case Study: Billingshurst Parish Council

Streaming meetings to build awareness of what the council does and to drive positive engagement on social media

Billingshurst Parish Council meeting

Billingshurst Parish Council, in West Sussex, has embraced the streaming of their council meetings to Facebook for many months. Not only do they stream full council meetings, they also stream individual committee meetings too, in order to build positive engagement over time with local residents.

The results? Well, for a start, the numbers speak for themselves. In March 2021, one particular committee of the council had over 726 ‘views’ on Facebook, which is extraordinary and hugely positive. Interestingly, few questions are asked and there’s little direct comment, but people are still watching some of the meeting either live or, much more likely, after the event once the recording is saved.

A key benefit is building up awareness of what the council does, its role within the community and the services that it provides. It goes a long way to break down some of the invisible barriers that can sometimes exist between councils and their communities.

Case Study: Godalming Town Council

Example of building digital reach'across the "big three" social media channels: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Godalming Town Council Instagram account

Godalming Town Council is one of a growing number of parish and town councils who are making effective use of the “Big Three” social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Having started out on Facebook, the council expanded its social media reach to Instagram and Twitter. It now finds itself in the fantastic position as having almost as many followers as its local Borough council, which of course covers a much larger area. 

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