Maintaining and Sustaining Effective Council Communications during this heightened state of COVID-19

A series of super-useful, free-of-charge live webinars, designed from scratch to give parish and town councils practical ideas, tools and tips to maintain and sustain effective communication during this heightened state of COVID-19.

Maintaining and Sustaining Effective Council Communications during a heightened state of COVID-19

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During this heightened state of COVID-19, parish and town councils across the country are working harder than ever to maintain their services and facilities as well as having to manage their day-to-day operations in even more challenging circumstances.

In addition to all the additional challenges and pressures that local councils face, it’s really important for councils of all sizes to consider how they can maintain and sustain and effective communications with their communities during this time.

That is why we are providing a series of entirely free but very useful webinars for local councils, providing you with practical ideas, strategies and tactics to ensure your communications remain as effective as possible.

Each of the three webinars has a different focus, and we’re running them at different times over the coming weeks. We look forward to seeing you there.

Mini Webinar 1 - Your Council's Plan for COVID-19 Comms

Effective and sustainable communication requires a plan that is appropriate to the resources a council has available. In this session we’ll look at how to create your COVID-19 Comms Plan, what it needs to include, as well as the tools to use to save valuable time and resource later on.

Your Comms Plan

Mini Webinar 2 - Your Council's Plan for COVID-19 Comms

Digital channels can be effective ways to communicate and engage with increasingly large parts of your community, especially for urgent and time-sensitive matters. In this session we consider how to get the most from a range of digital channels, including social media and e-newsletters, as well as the tools to save time and to manage everything effectively.

Digital Comms

Mini Webinar 3 - Effective Community & Stakeholder Comms

During a challenging period such as with COVID-19, it’s important to consider how we communicate and engage in a range of ways with our local communities and local stakeholder groups. In this session we explore a range of best practice to ensure your communications are effective and as appropriate as possible. 

Community Comms