Free Mini Social Media Audits for Parish and Town Councils

Social media is an important part of any council’s communication mix, offering a number of positive benefits for parish and town councils of all sizes.

Yet a challenge for many councils is understanding how well their social media is actually performing, and understanding how it compares to councils of a similar size. One of the services we provide to councils is in-depth social media audit and reviews, which helps councils understand what is working well and what can be improved. For many of these councils, we are also asked to develop in-depth communication strategies as well.

For councils wanting to get a taster of these services, we’re now able to offer an entirely free ‘Mini Social Media Audit’. There’s absolutely no cost involved, whatsoever. If you’re interested, watch the video below, then fill out the form below – and we’ll be in touch!

Request your council's free
'Mini Social Media Audit' here

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