Legal Support

We don’t offer legal support directly, but we’re able to suggest two of the country’s leading legal minds, to offer your council support when you need it most.

Antony Hook: legal support for councils

Antony Hook is a barrister, qualified and practising law since 2003, who has an excellent knowledge of issues facing town and parish councils.

Antony can advise councils on issues such as recovering damages for breaches of contract, negligence, nuisance or misrepresentation and defending councils against claims made by others.

He has also advised on drafting contracts, council policies, resolving disputes and conducting investigations. Antony has a strong interest in environmental and planning matters and has represented councils in person or in writing in connection with such issues. Antony has a comprehensive knowledge of criminal law having served four years in a senior frontline role for the Crown Prosecution Service.

He advises town and parish councils on options to bring private prosecutions against offenders or making legal representations where police or other authorities are slow to act. He has served as a Town Councillor and County Councillor and a brief period as a Member of the European Parliament.

Under the Bar Council’s direct access rules, councils can instruct him directly without having to go through a solicitor. He is accredited as barrister to represent clients including councils in every court or tribunal in England & Wales.

For Antony’s contact details, please email

Raoul Lumb: data protection and compliance

Arrange for an introduction to Raoul by emailing

Raoul is a Senior Associate in the Technology, Corporate and Commercial Teams at Simons, Muirhead and Burton LLP.

Raoul is a leading data protection lawyer, who often appears on national television and media to discuss issues relating to data protection.

When your council’s data protection or compliance needs go beyond the operational support we offer through our Compliant Councils Hub, we are able to offer an introduction to Raoul and his team, to give your council the very best in data protection legal support.