Our partnership with the Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils

Our partnership with
Dorset Association of
Parish and Town Councils

A message from Neil Wedge, Chief Executive at DAPTC

In recent years we have seen legislation like GDPR have a significant impact on parish and town council operations. Managing and storing data has significant implications and that’s why we were pleased to partner with Breakthrough Communications to provide access at discounted rates to their ‘Compliant Councils Hub’. Equally Freedom of Information requests can absorb time and effort from officers. If you are a member of DAPTC you can now access masterclass events on both these topics, make use of this valuable resource.

In ‘Council Connect’ you will also find a number of resources that are invaluable for an increasingly technology driven parish and town council sector. We have all seen in the last year the value of virtual meeting platforms, combine this with integrated websites and social media profiles and your community can benefit from deeper levels of engagement and understanding. Take advantage of the permanently discounted rates as a DAPTC member.

Neil Wedge
Chief Executive, DAPTC

Discounts and support available to DAPTC member councils

As NALC’s National Partners for Communications and Data Protection support, advice and services for parish and town councils, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that councils within the sector face.

We are delighted to offer a range of discounts and support to DAPTC member councils, to help them communicate and engage even more effectively and compliantly with their communities.

Below you will find details of discounts available to some of our most popular services. We are also happy to speak with your council via a free Zoom call, to better understand your specific needs. If you’d like to book a free call, click the button below.

Compliant Councils Hub

The Compliant Councils Hub gives parish and town councils access to on-demand, regularly-updated data protection training, walkthrough guides, masterclasses and one-to-one support on all aspects of GDPR and Freedom of Information.

The Compliant Councils Hub takes the stress out of data protection and compliance training and support, by breaking down data protection and Freedom of Information training into easy-to-understand, bitesize chunks.

We also provide regular updates on latest legislative and policy changes, relevant judgements from the Information Commissioner (and how they might impact your council). You can also optionally access a range of live masterclass events throughout the year, and get access to the recordings afterwards.

When you need support, you can optionally get inclusive access to our GDPR and FOI experts. 

Discount available: permanent access to our discounted pricing, as detailed on our website.

Council Connect

Council Connect tackles the biggest challenges that parish and town councils face when it comes to their communications: learning new skills, keeping up-to-date with latest techniques and learning from best practice from across the sector.

Council Connect gives councils access to a library of regularly-updated ‘how to’ and walkthrough guides, covering all aspects of council communications, including online, offline, print, events, virtual and in-person communications. We also provide guides on a range of software tools, social media and other platforms, enabling you to learn new skills (and refresh existing skills too).

Council Connect also provides you with templates, content, tools and resources to make your communications even more effective, whilst saving you time and effort.

You can also optionally access a range of live communications masterclasses, where we’ll deep dive into different aspects of council communication topics – and of course you get access to the recordings afterwards.

As well as communications news and updates via email, you’ll also get our quarterly printed magazine delivered to your door, providing you with examples best practice, case studies and so much more. 

You can also optionally access direct communications support from our senior team, as well as communications audits and reports to supercharge your council’s communications efforts.

Discount available: permanent access to our discounted pricing, as detailed on our website.

Other communication services and support

We provide a range of direct communications services and support to Parish and Town Councils of all sizes. From developing in-depth communication strategies to providing communications audits and benchmarking, as well as e-Newsletter setup and training, and so much more.

Book a free Zoom call with us to discuss your council’s specific challenges and needs, and we’ll work with you to identify the best way we can add value and help you achieve your objectives.