UK data adequacy decision by the EU – End of Brexit transition

We’ve just put together a new training video for members of our Compliant Councils Hub data protection service, outlining what’s happening with regards to data protection now that the EU have deemed the UK adequate for data transfers from the EU to UK.  This was needed after the transition period allowed for in the UK-EU Co-operation Agreement (the ‘Brexit Deal’) expired on June 30th 2021.

Local councils that subscribe to our Compliant Councils Hub have 24/7 access to on-demand, regularly updated training videos on all aspects of data protection, including GDPR, Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests. Councils can also access masterclasses and get 1-2-1 access to data protection experts, when they need it most.

Members of the our Compliant Councils Hub can now view this video here.

For more information about our on-demand data protection training and support service for local councils, which covers all aspects of GDPR, FOIs and Subject Access Requests, visit our Compliant Councils Hub to find out more and take advantage of our subscription introductory pricing.

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